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Radio Free Deseret is committed to supporting and promoting artists, musicians, writers and creators who share a commitment to the principles and values of the Latter-day Saint faith. 

Not every project here will be overtly religious in nature, but we hope that every creator will share a commitment to providing quality content in an effort to "Push back against the world

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Inspired  by Synthwave and "Outrun" electronic music, Kolobyte carves out a deep  and unique niche in "SAINTWAVE".  Drawing upon all of the positive influences around  him, and leaving the negative ones behind, his music is both upbeat and contemplative. 

β e t a P V N K


 β e t a P V N K (also BetaPunk) is an LDS experimental synthwave/darkwave artist who’s inspiration comes from anywhere from the demented and macabre to Mormon history. He is the anti-Pure Moods. 

Leiland Tanner


I  am Leliand. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ reserved for these Last Days with a mission to Preach the Gospel, Perfect the Saints and Redeem the Dead and to consecrate and share my talents in doing so. The Lord has blessed me with all manner of manifestations of the Gift of Tongues throughout my life – rhymes and poetry are an example that have always come naturally to me. I craft ‘sermons out of rocks’ and put them to rap beats. I grew up the minority at school in central Phoenix and was exposed to all types of diverse music and cultural traditions at an early age. I liked rap but I didn’t’ like the fact that the lyrics were so wildly corrosive and toxic. So, I started making my own, because it was fun. Fast forward 20 years and 80+ tracks later and I’m still dropping bars and I don’t plan on stopping. It’s my personal rap-diary and I hope you’ll join me on the journey. It brings me great happiness and I just want to share that passion with the hopes that it might help someone else stay bumping through these tribulations of mortality. Don’t judge a book by the cover – this is my New Jerusalem Music.  

Laura Davis


Laura Davis is a cellist who writes hymn arrangements for strings. She graduated from BYU-Idaho after studying cello. She has been a featured soloist after winning competitions, has played in various symphonies and orchestras, was a member of a string quartet in Las Vegas, and currently teaches cello lessons from her home in Arizona while raising a family. She loves children and homesteading.